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9/27/2014 7:30:10 AM

33year old Belgian looking for a mature, laidback, skilled bunch of people (Xbox One)

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some compagnionship to get more out of the game at endlevel, and/or leveling alts. I'm a lvl 27 Titan. I'm a former WoW-raider/guildleader so I have plenty of experience when it comes to insight and organisation required to complete challenging content, maybe it would be nice to hook up with people with a similar background (while remaining laidback :p ). When I play, I play properly and focused. I am however not too fond of voicecomms, so if that's an absolute requirement maybe I'm not the right guy for you(r) group. I'm more a no-nonsense/that's-too-obvious-to-need-much-talking kinda guy when it comes to gaming. I do like written chatting/foruming etc tho :p So... anyone who liked what they read, hit me up for some weekly strikes/raids/fun, add/contact me. My gamertag on Xbox One is Kharax81. Thanks, and have fun to all of you ;)



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