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Modificato da Blakimus: 7/29/2014 5:15:30 AM

Possible Hand Cannon Fix

So, i posted this in another thread, but decided to make my own. I would like to see what people think about this theory i have to make the game flow a bit more freely and allow hand cannons and snipers to be more effective at their respective roles. First, moving hand cannons to special weapons slot: i believe this could be more useful as a special weapon due to the specific way the gun handles. Scout rifles will always be more attractive to people as a primary over the hand cannon. The special slot needs more variety and hand cannons can provide this. Buff the range a bit, and the critical damage. Now we have an issue with snipers and hand cannons being similar. This is where the second part of the balancing act occurs: moving snipers to heavy weapons class. Buff the damage to be body shots also being one shot kills, maybe add callateral damage, and i think they will fit. This game plays much like halo, and snipers have always been a power weapon in halo. It just makes sense to me. With these changes we would have 3 primary slot choices, 3 special slot choices, and 3 heavy slot choices. Playing nicely on this new 3 number they love so much. Look i know this game isnt halo. I dont want it to be halo. I just think that this layout would allow pvp map flow, and also still allow a good ranged option in the special weapon slot. Hand cannons as a pocket sniper is exactly what i imagine them being. Snipers as a heavy beast of a weapon is what i want also. Plus, we wont have as many snipers sitting on the wreckage on the outside of the moon map sniping people for no gain in tactical standpoint. Just a thought, please dont hate if you disagree. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading



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