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6/14/2024 10:11:01 PM

Why is every thing like a Nightfall now?

So I started playing D2 back in February and loved every minuet of the last season, the campaigns the story the extra seasonal stuff which was unlocked for me in the last month before TFS. I worked hard to get all the craftable wepons from the content I had missed earlier in the year. Playing lots of gambit and winning half of the matches I played. I loved the exotic missions as they were different to other content and I could solo them for the red border weps. D2 was good and I played alot. Roll on this season and everything is harder, like nightfall hard. Gambit wins are down to 1 in 5, exotic missions are, for me unfinishable as a solo player, Vanguard normal is like doing a vanguard Nightfall. Xenogy quest requires wins not just taking part. So is it my power level, no. I have ground the game to get it to 1990 and it is all still stupidly hard to the point I do not play anywhere as mush as I did last season. I get that better players than me want harder content, but that harder content is there in legendary/expert nightfall and grandmaster content. Why has Bungie felt the need to push out casual or mid skill players like myself, what does this achieve? To sum it up Bungie has taken everything I enjoyed in the game and made it not enjoyable and reading the forums I am not the only one. So please take all the yellow bar mobs that were red last season and put them back to red like they were.



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