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Modificato da ATrueJester: 6/15/2024 10:34:35 PM

Sprinting visual flash bug

Small bug report here: Ever since Final Shape dropped, I've been having this strange visual bug that happens during sprinting as Prismatic Warlock. Whenever the sprint ends, my character/screen gets the "Blink refresh" visual flash and sound effect. This happens without having blink equipped as my jump. I'll load into a zone where sprint functions normally, and eventually the bug happens on its own. I've been trying to intentionally replicate it, but I can't seem to figure out the cause. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon, because despite being a minor bug, it's still pervasive enough to be a nuisance. EDIT: Found a potential cause. It happens whilst having threadlings perched on Warlock. When all threadlings were deployed and used up, the bug suddenly stops. I don't know it it's the only cause; maybe certain character buffs trigger the effect? Edit 2: This blink refresh effect doesn't just happen on ending sprint; using melee will also trigger it. Again, only while threadlings are perched.



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