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6/6/2024 5:39:07 AM

Bug with Mothkeeper's Wraps, Ex Diris, and Transcendence

PLATFORM: Steam SYSTEM INFO: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D GPU: GTX 1080Ti RAM: 32 GB GPU Driver Version: 552.22 OS Version: Win 11 ISP Provider/Speed/Connection Type: TDS Gigabit LAN DxDiag: ISSUE: Mothkeeper's Wraps are completely disabled both by transcendence and standing in a prismatic pool regardless of subclass. This includes disabling the exotic synergy with Ex Diris. REPRO STEPS: Equip Mothkeeper's Wraps. Use a non-prismatic subclass and step into a prismatic well. Transcend and kill something with Ex Diris. Alternatively, use a prismatic subclass to observe the same behavior during transcendence. ACTUAL RESULT: The Mothkeeper's Wraps fail to replace the grenade, even when not using prismatic. Additionally, using Ex Diris only spawns 1 moth, instead of the usual 2 different moths from the exotic synergy in play. EXPECTED RESULT: Mothkeeper's Wraps should at a minimum continue to replace grenades on non-prismatic subclasses and potentially replace prismatic grenades, though that part may understandably be a deliberate design choice. The Ex Diris' exotic synergy should remain active throughout regardless of whether the moth grenade is being overwritten or not. NOTES: Personally, I would expect the exotic to take precedence over the prismatic grenade, but at a minimum they should function normally on other subclasses and the Ex Diris synergy should remain active no matter what.
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