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5/22/2024 6:39:32 PM

Need a Clan to lead into the Final Shape? ALFA is recruiting new and old players alike

Headed into the Final Shape alone and worried that the Witness will send a Husk or Subjugator to curbstop you into the dirt? Welcome to All Light Fades Away [ALFA] We are a small close knit clan that helps each other out regardless of console, time zone, and any other things you can think of. We all have our quirks, but we've come to grow fond of the members we have so far. Come be part of our misfit family. **Most of our communication is done through our clan discord as not everyone has game chat turned on and voice chat can be buggy cross-platform. **What we do: Scheduled raids with Sherpas Pantheon runs, multiple a week Dungeon runs for new players Grandmaster Nightfalls for the sweet loot Legendary Campaign Missions ***Giveaways!!!*** As you can see we focus mainly on PvE, but we have the occasional PvP games now and again. What you bring: Your fabulous self. Any class and any light level character. Communication is key so please join our discord server if you need stuff done. **We do require discord participation since we do weekly inactivity checks. Members not in the discord and active there will be removed from the clan. **We are also looking for raid sherpa's if you're interested on teaching and boosting your carries score. These are scheduled so no need to worry if you can't find one.



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