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Modificato da Kesstar: 5/10/2024 2:33:43 AM

Used Wish Tokens to unlock Apex Pred But it did not unlock when dismantling weapons

I just grinded out 5 wish tokens and Purchased 5 Apex Predator on my Son's account and dismantled them before realizing that I was not getting pattern progress from it >,<, I am now 1/5 as I only did a manual extract on one of them yesterday, and the other 4 I just dismantled quickly after grinding out the additional tokens. Is there anything that can be done or am I S.O.L. my only guess is I neglected to finish the first witchqueen quest to unlock weapon crafting before starting to dismantle so its most likely some edge case that has screwed me out of 4 wish tokens >,<



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