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5/1/2024 12:28:28 AM

[Deathbringers] NA/EU All Platforms is Recruiting!

[Please note, this clan is just re-forming as of 05/2024. Many of the notable features won't be available until we have more members. The following post is almost un-edited from the recruitment posts during Beyond Light.] TL;DR - Returning Clan with Big Dreams - Join Now! ->Founder is based in EST<- --------------------------------------------------------- Notable Clan Features : ->Versatile Discord Server with Text & Voice Channels for Many Activities/Other Games ->Weekly 'New Guardian' Day for teaching/guiding new Guardians ->Weekly Clan Raids, Nightfalls and Crucible/Gambit to get Engrams ->Friendly, active staff members ->Monthly 'Guardian of the Month' contest with $$$ Prizes ->Weekly 'Game Night' to de-stress and break from Destiny 2 ->Open Admin Positions with potential for advancement --------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your interest in ~Deathbringers~. The clan has functionally been around for four years, though it remained dormant for a large period of that time. Having been re-established for the fourth time since its founding, we're ready to get back on this horse and try again. The main goal of ~Deathbringers~ has always been to create something more interesting and engaging than a typical Destiny 2 clan. We don't just want to be a group of strangers on the internet you sometimes play a game with. We want to build a community, something that transcends Destiny 2 and actively focuses more on social aspects. We want to talk, hang out and just have a good time no matter what we are doing. We've never focused specifically on one activity over another in-game either. We try to be a 'jack of all trades' experience for Guardians, offering events for PvP, Gambit, Raids and various Vanguard activities. As of mid-season, we also introduced a very successful weekly event called "Game Night". During Game Night, we take a break from Destiny as a clan and play Jackbox Party Games, Among Us, Cards Against Humanity and other fun free games. We also began offering a monthly prize for the most active, helpful Guardian. Guardian of the Month receives a custom Discord title along with an actual Digital Gift Card prize. In terms of Destiny 2, we actively encouraged Guardians to learn new activities and participate in the weekly Clan Engram activities with us. Unfortunately, even with all of those things going for the clan we still saw a massive decline in activity both social and in-game. It's just the nature of the beast. At this time we are seeking both Members and Admins. Those interested in becoming Admins of our clan should contact Kazzy as soon as possible. There will be a mild workload associated with a staff position, more expectations than the average member. Those interested in simply joining and exploring our community need simply apply via the clan page. A Discord Link will be provided in the Clan Chat ( once you've been accepted. We look forward to working with each and every one of our new members. Let's build this community the right way and show our love for an awesome game! --------------------------------------------------------- Clan Founder - Kazzy Raid Division Leader - Vanguard Division Leader - Gambit Division Leader - Crucible Division Leader - New Guardian Division Leader - ---------------------------------------------------------



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