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4/19/2024 5:20:20 AM

[NA][All Platforms][18+] Prime Raiders Clan Looking for Serious Players

[b]Welcome to Prime Raiders[/b] We are a clan of serious and ambitious players who focus on endgame content, including day one raids, and our ultimate goal is to obtain the raid belt. Our mission is to uphold the name Prime Raiders by being the greatest in every sense of the word. We strive to become high caliber raiders and members that you can rely on to complete any challenge LEGITIMATELY. At Prime Raiders, we believe in quality over quantity, and we work together to achieve our goals. We're looking for like-minded individuals to join our family, share our passion, and help us obtain that raid belt. If you're a player who always performs your best in content, learns from your mistakes, asks questions, and is proactive, then keep reading. [b]What We Offer[/b] [i]A clan that is serious about endgame content and achieving the raid belt. A tight-knit community of high-caliber raiders who are always looking to improve. A welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is treated as a family member. An active Discord server and PSN chats for voice communication during gameplay.[/i] [b]Requirements for Membership [/b] [i]18 years old or older. Active Gameplay: Regular and consistent playtimes. Chill and easy-going personality that doesn't get easily offended. Experienced Raider: A minimum of 50+ complete raid clears is required. ( 10 of the most recent raids) Thick skin and able to handle criticism. Optimization & Understanding: Must possess a willingness to optimize loadouts and a profound understanding of class mechanics. Access to Discord and PSN chats. We use both platforms for voice chat. Team-Oriented Mindset: In times of failure, stand by and support your teammates. Constructive Attitude: A growth and learning-focused attitude is crucial for collective improvement. Goal Alignment: Aiming for clan top placements in Day 1 raids and the pursuit of the raid belt. Effective Communication: Respectful and clear communication is crucial for maintaining a harmonious environment.[/i] [b]Tryout Process[/b] All prospective members must go through a tryout process to ensure that they are a good fit for our clan. The tryout process consists of a two-week probation period in the community side of the clan. During this time, you will have access to the basics in the Discord server and our PSN chats that are used for voice communication during gameplay. From there, we expect to see you socialize, run raids, and complete content with the clan. We keep the clan small, with only 30 member slots available, to ensure that we maintain our exclusive and high-quality environment. [b]Join Prime Raiders Today[/b] If you meet the requirements for membership and are interested in joining our family of high-caliber raiders, add me on[b] PSN (Just_payback) [/b]for [b]Discord: just_payback[/b] to schedule a one-on-one chat. Bring your questions and let's discuss how you can become a part of Prime Raiders.



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