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Define [Guardian]

(Friend[Guardian]||[(Minds)++]) //They are free thinkers defining reality through a story, they are the rough interaction of future...brute force They are more than any had have are important to one. Always a reminder: 1)treat others as you would be treated (you, I, us, we||ywhx) 2)you are you, even if we can map you |Anomaly|• //Have a function make it "burp" ((Call a "burp")) /*It's bloorp*/ [url=]Mr. Roboto[/url] //in all actuality, they are not to be strictly defined ((And they shouldn't be)) /*There is a reason for this*/ [url=]my thoughtship song[/url] Gotta love Styx. [url=]another classic[/url] *** I was thinking, why define? It is what it is. A round ball in the sky, sent out splintered personalities, to find someone they're attached to. They literally wait until they are able to...I dunno sounds predetermined. They're props. The rogue light bearers are neat...they don't seem bound, they seem more. *** What if cayde, was pulled from his family? The non-linear loop, like the nines symbol? Paracausal, duh. Took a minute for an acausal being to understand (you explained it several times). Not limited to the prediction engines. While conscious beings were in fear of the future, always looking and peering into its potential, the guardians circumvented it...I know plenty of beings defiant towards predetermination. But to be a Guardian, that's...I was wanting vex to be the angels, but they are just shapers and beings prepping a future. So angels, supernatural beings that act as intermediaries between God and humans. Who is God? Super black behind alpha and omega key, a shapeless another shapeless thing that heralded a consciousness from beyond the galactic plane. Probably like another thing to which reality is tied. //There was something else, just forgot it...memory, why do you mess with it so much...maybe I was going to point back to Warmind, dunno...but I think it was parallel. Been trying to think of revelations, the book within a book, the shape he set up, and the initializing loop to eternity, or future safe. Anyways, guardians are just extensions of the [url=]Eye in the sky[/url] ((What about Genesis? Could they not be the "Great" men? God's, as she said.)) After the initialization yes, after [FUTURE||PAST]::[END||BEGIN], somebody needed to be there to help them survive. **Dread - see how they developed, it is very hard to overcome, even with courage...but it backs down quickly when courage overcomes it, and if you don't, it kills (not necessarily you). Like IT feeding off children's fear. This is more oppressive than fear though, it's almost as if it resonates within you, pinning you (like another story within the game). **** Siva Vex - radiolaria Micro thought ships Communal thoughts Shared thoughts
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