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4/10/2024 1:37:20 AM

Thoughts on FTF...

There's a lot to like about the new FTF, so thank you for the effort. The difficulties I currently see: 1. Players Creating a Listing are identifying joiners and sending direct invites, instead of waiting for the allotted number of players to enter and READY UP. Some are at least kind enough to responsibly close the Listing, but more and more often I'm finding players abandoning the Listing, and it just sits there in a Zombie state, taking up space for quite a few hours with no one minding the store. Why doesn't the game purge these obsolete listings, and let the player who created it know that they need to look after their affairs more responsibly? 2. When I go to SEARCH into an activity that has ZERO listings, pressing B should take me immediately back out of it. There's NO need to ask me if I'm sure and please press A; there's NOTHING shown in the activity.



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