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4/7/2024 8:45:51 AM

Recruiting guardians who want to play as a clan! Laid back like to have fun in teaching all content , we run clan tournaments for prizes and vibing through the seasons

Hello we are a chill laid back clan who likes to have fun and are not super strict! ☆All we ask is that people try and seek a fireteam in the clan 1st before lfging outside the clan and try to play on any activity as a clan once a week. I know we all have lifes and Destiny is supposed to be here to have fun not a chore. ☆I'm a gamer chick who's been running the clan sense D1 we meet all our weekly clan achievements! I have 6 patient helpful admins, GM, Raid, Trial and Dungeon leaders who love to help new players and put events together! We create PVP and PVE tournaments with the clan to win prizes for fun. ☆In our clan we have couples, new members who are learning and families in the clan from 21 and up mainly most of us are in our late 30s and some older! ☆Mainly we are EST and UK but we have all timezones, i have just moved to the UK so we have alot of both and all around help night and day to help be available for others. ☆In our discord we have a lfg in advance channel that we set all activities up for people to join in advance so we can group up or teach people raids etc and it also let's others set up all activities in their timezones so it lets us know who needs help in what to make sure people are getting help! ☆I recruit regularly to find people to play as a clan its not about numbers I have ran a big clan I recruit alot of members but I usually rather have a good amount of friends who want to play together then a bunch of random who don't play ever as a clan. ♡If you are interested message me or reply to post! We would love to have you join the clan family! 🤘💓



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