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Modificato da DropKickEmm: 4/8/2024 11:10:44 PM

[NA] Looking for ACTIVE players from ALL PLATFORMS to become SUPΞR ΔVΞRΔGΞ with us!!!

SUPΞR ΔVΞRΔGΞ is a group of adult guardians from all over but MAINLY from the US. We are looking for experienced D2 players that are ACTIVE and SOCIAL. If you enjoy raiding and getting those seals and triumphs checked off your list then we’re talking about YOU! We offer a highly organized discord where daily events are planned and Sherpas are available to help guide and teach you. (Mainly active between 4pm to midnight EST) REQUIREMENTS: -Must be outgoing, friendly and chill -Willing to learn and accept constructive criticism -Must be 21 & over -Must have mic -Must join clan discord upon being accepted -Active in game & discord -Must own latest DLC -Must LFG clan first & actively engage with clan mates So, if you’re looking to make friends while playing your favorite game … JOIN US! You won’t be average anymore, you’ll be SUPΞR ΔVΞRΔGΞ too! Please note: If playing solo is your thing or if you don’t like using discord and being social … please don’t apply. I can’t stress this enough and I will say once again … DISCORD ACTIVITY IS REQUIRED just as much as being active in game and playing with clan mates. Basic knowledge on discord use is also required. We want you to interact and engage with your fellow clan mates. Activity is monitored to ensure we have active members. Clan link:



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