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House Salvation, the Darkside Hive, & the Pyramids in the Last City - The Significance of this

What’s up Guardians, We see that both House Salvation & the Darkside Hive left in the solar system are aiding the Pyramids in an attack of the Last City. At first, I was like where are the Shadow Legion, Sol Divisive, Taken & Scorn? But reading the CE lore made it click - the Witness seeks to ruin anything touched or created by the Traveler, it could snap its finger and delete us most likely but it chooses not to - it seeks to create horror, pain, and tough times for those who had or have a relationship with the Traveler. So what better rebuke of the Traveler than to have an alliance of civilizations that were “blessed” by it waging war against the Traveler’s chosen. An army of “Eramises” - those who consider the Traveler their source of pain and ruin. House Salvation hates the Traveler for what it “did” to its kind, the Hive were meant to be blessed by the Traveler but were claimed by the Witness first, and the Hive also see the Traveler as the source of Fundament’s destruction. We know the Precursor race to the Witness saw the Traveler as a source of chaos & pain. House Salvation, the Darkside Hive, & the Pyramids were all blessed by the Traveler (or meant to be), and all of them have another thing in common - they have dedicated themselves to its destruction. We will be fighting a trio group of civilizations previously intertwined/blessed by the Traveler in the Last City. This could explain why the Shadow Legion, Sol Divisive, Taken & Scorn are not present in the assault on the Last City. The Cabal had their big run in with the Traveler during the events of the Red War (they had discovered it before but never had an interaction with it like this), but the Traveler still never came to bless the Cabal. It was not the source of their downfall, Xivu Arath was. However for the Fallen, the Hive, & the Witness, the Traveler was the source of their “pain”. What do you guys think? Is this a purposeful “F you” to the Guardians from the Witness, to have a trio of previously blessed (or meant to be blessed) civilizations band together against the Traveler’s forces?
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