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2/28/2024 3:52:35 PM

[NEW CLAN[ Recruiting all players! Master raids, norm raids, gms, and etc!

Demure is a brand new clan of 2 raiders looking for an active clan of players of any skill level. This is my first time really wanting to try and build a clan community that can do some really smooth raids and even help/teach new and returning players. I always say in some of my accidental sherpa runs that everyone started at the same place at one point. It's okay to learn and I want the clan to be all about striving to learn more and more and get better. I've made many clans in the past and never really put the effort in to try and get people. Sure I may have gotten one or two people before but that's about it. So what can I offer? As the clan is about 5 or 6 people right now, I can assist in any activity really. I can give tips and help out in a lot of things. I can raid sherpa, as I like to think I have plenty of experience. For those that are new/returning and looking for a clan, look no further. I can give my best efforts to help you catch up or get started into destiny. If you need help with a raid you haven't done, just give me a time you think or know you'll be able to do a maybe 2-3 hour raid and I'll see if I can help out. Keep in mind that most of the players right now are in the US. It does make things a little difficult to plan when thinking about time zone. And you pvp players out there are welcome too! I myself don't play pvp too much anymore cause I'm not a fan of the current state but you're still welcome! So what do I require? My first requirement are people that are active on discord and destiny 2. I have already made a discord server for this clan and will continue to improve it given I can get players to give feedback and etc. My second requirement is of course, have discord. As I play on PC and I guarantee the clan will have more pc players in it eventually. Third requirement is of course a microphone. Having a microphone and being able to communicate for raids makes them very very easy, but it's not too big a deal if it's not working or you don't have one at the moment. My last and most important requirement is to respect everyone that's in the clan. I like to respect everyone no matter their skill level because it's just like I said, everyone starts at the same place when it comes to destiny. So there's no reason to get an ego because you may be better or more experienced than someone. That's it! If anyone scrolling through clan forums reads this and would be interested to learn raids, and build a cool community together then don't be afraid to drop a comment! I'll get to you as soon as I see it. If anyone that does use raid report are interested in seeing my achievements then here is my raid report. You can also dm "profortnite90s" on discord to talk about joining the clan and getting a discord server invite. (yes my discord is kind of cringe, i like to joke around like that.) And thank you for anyone that reads this!



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