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2/22/2024 10:14:24 PM

Flames of Trust (fan lore)

Here's a lil Eris n Drifter story! Trust hehe😉😊 The interior of the Derelict was dark, lit only by the harsh orange glow of lanterns which had been dispersed throughout the ship. The white glare of Motes lay scattered across the grated floors, their light dissipating in the air as every second ticked by. The last of Eris Morn and the Drifter's conversation had died, leaving the faint hum of the ships engines and the creaking of machine parts to fill the empty space. Another still second had passed. The Drifter began to move, making his way closer to Eris while also stretching out his hand to meet hers. Eris glanced faintly down at his hand as it wrapped around her own. The Drifter crept a little closer, slowly sliding his other hand around her waist, pulling them into a dancing position. His lips twisted into a smile as Eris met his soft gaze. Eris followed along with the Drifter as he began to sway their bodies back and forth, the corners of Eris's lips quirking upward with a smile. But as they stepped closer to one another, Eris felt something lightly hit against her armor. She looked down to see the handle of the Drifter's gun knock against the stomach of her chest plate. Eris reached towards the gun after a silent second, wrapping her free hand around the handle of his revolver, their eyes locking together. Eris could not discern the emotion she saw in the Drifter's blue eyes, but what she could see was that he had shown no intentions to stop her from taking his gun. Underneath her inscrutable expression, Eris felt her heart rate increase, anxiety clawing at her. She feared the possibility of the Drifter pushing her away, revealing his distrust of her even after everything they had been through. Eris took a breath, then she gripped the handle of the Drifter's gun tighter and slid it out from his belt, keeping it aimed to the floor. The Drifter made no move to halt her, he only watched in silent curiosity as Eris let go of his hand and backed away. His eyes remained locked on Eris, watching her as she extended the hand with the gun and placed it on the surface of a nearby table. Once Eris was standing in front of the Drifter again she resettled her hands where they had been before. Then, without saying a word, the Drifter leaned closer to plant a kiss on Eris's cheek. His face broke into a smile as he gripped her hand and pulled them back into their rhythmic motion. They danced happily and comfortably. Their dance being all the better with the lack of a gun between them, their movements becoming more flourished and audacious. They smiled absently to one another. The trust between them had been tested, and it had aroused triumphant.
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