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Modificato da Muffincup: 2/21/2024 7:21:09 PM

Sparrow Control. Are you serious?

Bungie... What the Hell are you doing?😂 You want to give us Sparrow access on these maps? You think there's enough space there? Sarcasm incoming. Yes, Pacifica is SUCH a great map for Sparrow cruising, same with Convergence, or Altar of Flame; ooh! Or Bannerfall! I've been dying to ride my Sparrow through those. I'm absolutely dumbfounded by this idea. You want to put Sparrows in Control, then the only correct way to do it is to make much bigger maps; you know, maps where the player would need to get on the Sparrow to go between points. Maps where its much faster to get to the point on the Sparrow, than on foot with 100 Mobility. Maps that might probably need more players than 12. Until you do that, don't even bother with this. Its just absolute nonsense. Of all the useless ideas that have existed in this game, this one is by far and large the most useless. Holy crap😂.



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