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2/17/2024 3:50:48 PM

The TWID changes are a bigger nerf to Hunters than you think.

Yes, threadlings got smacked. Warranted. Maybe catching broodweaver in the cross fire wasn't, but Hunter threadlings had to go. However, max HP is also being increased by 30, and cooldown are being decreased across the board. This puts increased need to spec into all three core stats: Mobility: Dodge coodown Recovery: Get back shields faster Resilience: Get all the bonus 30 HP. See the issue? Warlocks and Titans [i][b]minimize mobility to go faster than 100 mobility Hunters[/b][/i], while 100 mobility is mandatory on Hunter, and they won't even match the traverse speed of the competition. [b]Warlocks and Titans can more easily invest in the better of the three stats than Hunters while simultaneously benefitting from ignoring the third stat.[/b] This creates another problem - the primary target in Trials is the Zone. Warlocks and Titans can both [i]get there faster[/i] and [i]lock it down better[/i] via their class ability than Hunters. This means Hunters needed builds to counter that, simply because they'd get there last. So we saw Ahamkaras. Then we saw threadlings. Ya know what's next? You're gonna see a lot of invis. Probably invis + Gemini's or Arc with Shinobou, something spammable and annoying. Or, a complete resurgence of Stompees which are going to feel mandatory at the higher end of the skill bracket. (This is all assuming the next season doesn't give a new, annoying way to play.) And if those don't work, Hunter usage is just going to fall even more behind void Titan and Solar Warlock, as it has been for like the last year, with the exception of whatever has been the favorite for countering those. Mobility needs to affect spring speed and momentum gains for all three classes. There should be actual build crafting with risk and reward. 2 of the 3 classes have double rewards for ignoring mobility and zero risk. That is not buildcrafting.



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