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2/14/2024 2:45:36 PM

Crimson Days (fan lore)

Happy Valentine's Day guys! Here's a romantic lil story I made for the occasion!😊💕 Eris Morn stood in the middle of her private study, which was, as usual, a mess of books, cups, strange trinkets, and rugs laying sprawled across the floors unevenly. Under the soles of Eris's boots she could feel the subtle hum of vibrations from the H.E.L.M.'s main engines, keeping them hovering in space above Earth's orbit. As Eris was turning something caught her eye. She spun around to see a book splayed open on the floor, it's pages bending at odd angles with the cover extending outward. Eris made her way over to the book, picking it up and straightening it's pages before realizing it was the very book she had just spent half an hour looking for. She sighed, shaking her head, before shutting the book and making her way over to the long table to set it down. As Eris was setting the book atop the wood surface of the table she heard the door to her study open with a whoosh, followed by the sound of footsteps. She turned to see the Drifter descending the rug clad steps, hiding both his hands behind his back as he made his way over to Eris. "Hey, Moonlight." He greeted Eris, full of nervous excitement. "I got you something for the Crimson Days. Well, two little something's actually." The Drifter brought out his left hand first, and between his forefinger and thumb he gently clutched a deep scarlet rose. Eris felt a smile form along her lips as the Drifter stepped closer and allowed her to take the majestic flower from his hand. "This rose is quiet lovely, thank you, Germaine." Eris smiled down at the dark flowing petals before bringing it up to her nose so she could breath in it's sweet scent. "And here's the other thing I got you," The Drifter said as he brought out his other hand, which held the handle of a little basket. Eris took the small wicker basket from his extended hand and set it atop the table so that she could look at the contents inside. She smiled with delight at the sight of the chocolate and white chocolate covered raisins. "Thank you, Germaine. These gifts are very sweet." Eris said, smiling gratefully as she slipped the rose stem first into the basket so that it could stand upright, peeking its petaled head out. "I have something for you as well," Eris made her way to the other side of the room, reaching over the wooden countertop to retrieve her gift for the Drifter. After grabbing it, she returned to the wood table and handed the Drifter a rectangular bottle that had been decorated with a little red bow on top. "I have noticed you seem to have an affinity for alcoholic beverages. I have never tried this drink, but I thought it may perhaps be something you would enjoy." The Drifter's grin spread wide across his face as he read the label of the glass bottle. "This is absolutely amazing, Moonlight, thank you." He reached forward, planting a quick kiss on Eris's cheek, pulling her into a warm embrace. After a moment Eris let out a small laugh, gently pushing away from him. "I am glad you like it, Germaine." "Maybe you and I could share a drink sometime? Split some of this?" He offered, smirking with a wink. "I would love to." Eris replied with a smile. The Drifter beamed in return. Eris then wayched as his eyes lit up, an idea sparking in his brain. He walked up to her once again, and half a second later his face was against hers, kissing her lips tenderly. After a reluctant moment he pulled away, leaving a smile etched across both their face's. "I should probably go soon," he said, as he half heartedly began to withdraw himself from Eris. "Love you, Eris, thanks a lot for the drink." He smiled, clutching the gift Eris had given him gently in his hands. "Germaine," Eris started, walking up to him again, taking his face in her hands. "I love you too." She filled the space between them, kissing him soft and affectionately. She let go after a moment, leaving a smile and a gentle flush on the Drifter's face. "Thank you as well, Germaine. I will be sure to enjoy the raisins you have given me." The Drifter smiled wide, pulling Eris into another hug before backing away again saying, "Ok, I'm goin' now. Love you, Eris!" Eris watched him leave, then grabbed one of the boxes of raisins and began eating, returning to her work with a smile.
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