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2/10/2024 11:45:00 PM

TPL Calling all Guardians!

**Join The Paracausal Legion - The Ultimate Destiny 2 Clan!** *Welcome, Guardian!* Are you ready to join a community of like-minded Guardians? Look no further! The Paracausal Legion is recruiting dedicated players like you! **Why Join TPL?** - **Laid Back Atmosphere:** Chill vibes and friendly camaraderie await you in our clan. - **Skillful Guardians:** Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh Guardian, there's a place for you here. We value a willingness to learn and teach. - **Group Dynamics:** We thrive on teamwork and collaboration. Join us for epic raids, dungeons, and more! **Activities Offered:** - Raids - Dungeons - Grandmasters - Iron Banner - Crucible - Gambit - Exotic Missions - Playlist Activities - Campaigns - And more! **Requirements:** - **Age:** 18+ - **Light Level:** 1750+ - **Expansions:** Own all expansions and most dungeons. **How to Join:** 1. Visit our clan page at 2. Click "Join Clan" and follow the instructions. 3. Discord: 4. Introduce yourself in our Discord server and start gaming with us!



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