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1/11/2024 4:18:44 AM

If you want to make new GMs, make new strikes.

Without a doubt, the most annoy and difficult GMs of the past few seasons are Battlegrounds. Where enemies are just free to spawn endlessly unless you have to progress the objective (which is annoying enough to get there alone most of the time). This week's GM (PsiOps Cosmodrome) is probably the worst example of why Battlegrounds are the worst addition to the GMs. The first escort isn't that big of a deal, until the 2nd major room. This room provides no cover, and you're pretty much forced to spam invisibility to enter the room or shoot through the doorway and try not to shoot your teammate in the back of the head with a rocket. Moving to the boss room, it's just hell in a mindscape. Yet a room with little to no cover, enemies swarming you and wizards with the ability to melt you instantly, and then Savathun's Aspects. The Aspects of Savathun are what completely ruins the entire boss room alone, her Nova Bombs track you no matter where you are and her "Viscous Light" Arc blasts will kill you no matter what (even if the threat is a different element.) If you're going to be giving us new GMs, make strikes that give us plenty of room to rotate, play cover, and strategize accordingly. Not throw us into a pit and toss enemies on top of us. We're sick of the small scale rooms we are supposed to use in Battlegrounds.



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