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12/8/2023 5:40:32 AM

Gotta Say, Glaives Feel Pretty Good Now

I know people have been playing with their rocket-assisted sidearms as of late, but have you tried using a glaive recently? Times sure have changed. I remember when glaives had inconsistent hit registration that either forgot to deal damage or forgot to give you shield energy. Or both. And I remember when they forgot how to melee after shooting for a full second. All of that doesn't really happen anymore. And they passively generate shield energy just by holding them in your hand like a menace. Now of course they aren't going to be good at one-shotting or doing DPS, but I've found them to be pretty fun in both PvE and PvP since this season started. The one I was playing around with was Unexpected Resurgence. It felt viable in the Crucible. I even used it in Trials last weekend. Didn't go flawless, but got pretty close and the glaive I was using felt pretty good. I also used it in The Coil activity earlier yesterday and managed to complete a run without too much trouble. That extra shield energy in PvE is very nice, especially when a boss is about to quake the ground. I felt like I could push a little bit aggressively with it and succeed. It kinda makes me want to come up with glaive ideas to post on here. I've never had so much fun with a stick on Destiny 2 before.



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