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Modificato da Speaker: 12/9/2023 11:01:19 PM

Nomination for the new Official song of Offtopic

Out of respect for the previous generation Hotel California is automatically nominated. All Nominations must have at least 1 comment seconding and supporting. Multiple commented seconds and upvotes will serve to gauge interest, and the 5 most popular choices will be voted on along with the incumbent song, next week. To support a song "Type I, [insert name here], second this nomination. ... Nominations will be open until Pizza Friday has been declared, bump for visibility. [spoiler]To answer the question of what is the point of the song, what is the point of this forum: its whatever you make it, its whatever your heart deems it to be beneath the ever watchful gaze of the gods and the slumbering webmaster. Offtopic is your place, its my place, its our place; what is the song that signifies everything this place means and represents what is the official gamecry of Offtopic, the morphed offspring of the spam pit that was the Flood. This place remains: that means something. Add your link and shitpost to the chain. What is dead may never die.[/spoiler]



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