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Bungie - from the time they made D1 - compromised with itself by trying to make a bigger game than it could afford to develop. Instead of a new engine that could have made the game easier to manage, they recycled Tiger to save licensing costs and work with a toolset that they had familiarity with. Instead of making consistency and quality their executive mission, they broke their teams up into silos that competed with each other and set their own development agendas. Instead of a business model that thrives on huge sales and engaged players, they opted for recycled seasons and monetization from a dedicated core. There’s only so much people can take. No large immersive campaigns, no strikes, no new player pathway, no pvp development, no dedicated servers for better security and stability. Instead, we get chronic error codes, cheating, disjointed story telling, thin recycled content, over-monetization, vaulting, sunsetting, and corporate “we’re listening” speak.



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