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Iron Banner is too hard for some blueberries

I preface this by saying I thoroughly enjoy objective based game modes. TL;DR Most people don't understand the game well enough to comfortably juggle all the variables of this objective based mode, Tribute. As such, they have little control over the outcome of the matches. -- Many people don't like new Iron Banner: Tribute because they don't understand how to play Supremacy. They also can't get behind proper positioning and timing to play Countdown. They don't know how to play Supremacy, Countdown Rush, or Clash cause they don't understand Showdown or Control. Many can't breach an area, clear it, push up, secure and control territory while the enemy is dead. Many apparently hate the idea of [b]having to team-shoot[/b] to have the highest likelihood of success. They can't time their attack or choose right positions. They file in one after the other when the opposition is getting 2 to 3 points for every kill. They can't protect the borders to the above mentioned territory and pursue the primary objective or gather a specific resource, often due to irrational fear, apathy, or absentmindedness. They don't know when to push. When to hold. Where to anchor. When to flip spawn. Many can't organize themselves around a shared goal cause they can't look up when someone jumps. They can't time their attack around another's effort. There are too many variables for the average player to consider as is. Between weapons and classes and specific builds. [b]PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLIFY THE GAME[/b] to combat this. Make a tutorial and shooting range. Or make an in game aim trainer. I love the game demanding you be present and aware. Calculating and strategic. We have an ACTIVE RADAR and [u]people still don't know where the enemy is[/u]. [b]I appreciate that Bungie is putting in more effort of late.[/b] The community has made clear anything less is unacceptable. Perhaps then, [u]the community should say what we want[/u] rather than whine at any attempt to get something right.



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