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12/6/2023 8:58:38 PM

Every seasonal challenge?... no big pile of bright dust for me?

If you look at the Braytech website it looks like you have to get ALL seasonal challenges this season to get a Big Pile of Bright Dust. Not to mention there are only 66 with the longest season ever. I am an older player and there is no way with my reflexes the way they are I can do a Grandmaster Nightfall. Getting my big pile of bright dust was one of the highlights of the season for me... is it true I will have to get 66 out of 66 seasonal challenges to get it this season?... that will be impossible for me. I have spent over 5,000 hours on Destiny 2. As I can't do harder content I have found my joy where I can... don't take away my ability to get my big pile of bright dust.



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