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11/30/2023 4:35:41 AM

Assassins Cowl no Drop. All I want for Christmas is Assassion Cowl (Pwease)

Dear Santa, I've poured well over 1500 hours (Between PS4 and PC) and spent hundreds of dollars in Silver into this game I love called Destiny 2. I have tried to get this helmet called the Assassin's cowl for well over 6 months (To preface, I have all expansions and All other Exotic Helmets). Every time I do a lost sector on helmet day, when it comes to exotic helmets, I continue to only get exotic helmets I already have. I don't know if this is just some weird bug or what but I'd really just like to have the helmet. The only gift I would like for Christmas is for Bungie to gift me an assassin cowl. Sincerely, Sir Leopold Monterey



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