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Already off to a disappointing start

So I checked the new weapon patterns and noticed no new raid patterns. How disappointing but I’m not surprised. Bungie’s effort this year has been extremely lacking. For reals? You guys couldn’t refresh GoS or VoG? Was it really that hard? For reference back in Season of the Plunder, one of the most universally disliked seasons, we got Arc 3.0 which brought in a WHOLE new super on top of a myriad of changes, a WHOLE reprised raid (one of the biggest raids too) WITH craftable weapons, on top of Plunder’s seasonal content. Yeah sure we didn’t like Plunder but we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t get enough. Fast forward to today, we couldn’t even get the complete set of Stasis reworks promised which mind you, is something minor compared to the entire Light 3.0 Overhaul updates we got in Witch Queen. Instead we’re asked to wait longer. AND we couldn’t even get some refreshed raid weapons? For reals??? Bungie what are you doing?! 🤦‍♂️ Quit drip feeding content, why the F couldn’t you ship Stasis buffs together? And if you do have a raid refresh, why are you withholding it? Is it to fill up this season’s unforeseen dry -blam!-) gap? Y’all got lazy AF and it shows, Season of the Lost we got 30th Anniversary to keep us busy but now we have to trust your word when you literally have nothing to show we should trust in you anymore? At this point why should we even bother with TFS EDIT: No new Exotic Armor either 🤦‍♂️ could this get any worse? I feel I’m kicking a dead horse at this point…



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