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Join us in Sanctuary! (1000+ Guardians)

Come Join "[b]The Sanctuary[/b]” Today!! [b][u]We Offer![/u][/b] 👥 A Dedicated Support Team to offer you help and support 🦾 3 Active Clans and a massive Community 💰 Clan and Server Nights with occasional Cash Prizes 🏆 Integrated Sherpa Request System to help you through raid completions 1️⃣ Day One Raids and Dungeons ⚔️ Doing END GAME content, Nightfalls, Missions, Exotic Missions and more. (Our main focus is PVE) 📝 Will teach you about the game, even as a vet you can learn stuff. 💬 1000+ member Discord with loads of info, and a place to call home. [b][u]We are looking for in the clan members![/u][/b] ⭐ Be 1750+ Light on one character 🔍 We are seeking dedicated and active Guardians 😂 Sense of humor ✅ Respectful gamers 💬 Have Discord [b][u] We Currently Have 3 Clans! Links Are Below![/u][/b] Sanctuary- SafeHaven- Salvation- -----------⬇️ Our discord Includes ⬇️----------- 📆 EVENTS - Schedule Raids Channel (destiny events + many others) 🎤 VOICE CHAT - Dedicated voice channels for fireteams and general convos, clutter-free 🎮 LFG Channel - Find people to team up with, keep chat channels clean. Our discord is not clan only, it is a community. If you need a place to find teammates, feel free to join our server! 💬 >



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