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Modificato da Lini Fox: 11/28/2023 10:48:17 PM

I did not expect the mod nerfs to be this bad

Go ahead and see for yourself; put bomber on your class item, put a slower charging grenade on (vortex, solar, etc) Use said grenade, then proc bomber….. now squint and try to see if you can see the mod even working. This goes for all ability centered mods in the game right now kickstarts included. I have lost a lot of motivation to play and lead my clan this season. I thought the sand box was in a pretty good place before this patch, (aside from strand titan maybe needing toned down a bit) and I consider my opinions on this to be informed just look at my raid report I do a lot of sweaty pve and casual stuff alike. Anyway I am sorry for a negative post I just couldn’t help but mention this. Anyway here is my clan discord as well if anyone is interested (18+ no hate speech allowed etc) . I hope this gets reverted :(



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