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11/28/2023 10:00:15 PM

[OPEN TO EVERYONE] Come join a community of over 10,000 players! New and old players welcome!! ♡

Are you in need of an active clan? Tired of playing alone? Never had a welcoming community? Need help in any activity but don’t have anyone? If you answered yes to any of these May is for you! ˚    ✦   .  .   ˚ .      . ✦     ˚     . ★⋆. ࿐࿔ What we offer- ❀ Trials and raid carries by top players ❀ Teaching new players raids and Dungeons ❀ Weekly events and giveaways ❀ End game content including day ones, low man’s and flawless runs ❀ All clan engrams weekly ❀ Trials, iron banner and private matches ❀ No discrimination or drama ❀ A fun welcoming community ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。°✩ ⋆。 How to join- ❀ Upvote this post ❀ Leave a comment ❀ Join our discord ❀ Request to join Links-



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