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But they have time for £20 armour skins from a franchise where you can get the netire game and DLC, and it's one of the best story telling games out there, for less than the cost of ONE armour skin. Tells you where there priorities lie. Eververse and every grubby little cash grab they stack it with. As someone who wont be playing Final Shape I used to find it amusing watching Bungie sabotage the only game they have right now. It's like watching your unattractive friend chat up the best looking girl school. It's funny watching it happen knowing how it will end, but you just kinda feel bad for them. If this is the best they have then I am gald I am out after this season, which I really cant be bothered with anymore. Played a bit earlier and it just feels like I have become weaker while the bullet sponge ads spawn in waves. Someone needs to get a grip at Bungie because one day they look up from smelling their farts and realise everyone is gone. Reskinned seaonal wepaons .. again ?? .. If you have to do that then bring back the Black Armoury at least. And the story is more of the same dross, anyone see the giant nothing burger the entire season is ?? .. Instead of tuggin our forelock and trotting off to get Riven's eggs why not say "Nope. Give us the wish or we will destroy them all. Once we get our wish you get the eggs". Then destroy them anyway because apparently Ahamkara are dangerous. We are supposed to be baddest dudes around but we just seem to spend our time doing what everyone else wants.



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