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11/28/2023 10:30:28 PM

Battlegrounds are not Strikes -Nightfall or otherwise...

New Season, similar gripe, This isn't about how good you are or who you play with. It's a game thats suppose to cater to your definition of fun. I play Destiny 2 ALOT (too much) and have purchased every DLC. I enjoy the strikes, strikes are my thing or what they use to be. The challenge and the increasing difficulty challenge (adept, hero, legend. master, GM) trains you to get better. WTF is with all the constant battlegrounds in the strike rotation? First Nightfall of the new season and BAM, friggin hoard mode battleground AGAIN (tough high density -blam!- too!). I get it, i've been around awhile, If you like that kinda thing great, have fun, it's just not my thing. Please seperate the true Strikes from the HOARD MODE -NO COVER battlegrounds. I'm guessing i'm not the only one that feels that way. Has development gone the way of "we think its entertaining if they die alot...?" seriously, wtf, I'm more than a casual. but definitly not a super sweat. Sen.Blutarsky oldmansuperherowannabe



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