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10/31/2023 5:50:36 AM

Something Something Nerf: Are you happy with the state of Trials?

It's the best it has been. (Don't lie to yourself)


No, it needs to be looked at. (Thank you)


LMAO nerf warlocks


LMAO nerf titans


LMAO nerf hunters


Nerf Le Monarque again ):< (Bows make me angy)


Actually balance the game for once its lifecycle


I think the proof is in the pudding at this point, folks, with the current trials meta. If you're not playing trials as a void titan (24.6% as of posting) in trials with 100, resilience, recovery, and intellect, you're not winning. If you do not have a Conditional Finality or shotgun gripped firmly between those ground riding cheeks (1.3 million kills alone for CF as of positing) then you're not winning. If you do not have either a hand cannon or smg (400k/2.6mil) glued to your hands, then you're not winning. I'm sorry, but there's something here that needs to be addressed. I'm not talking Conditional, because it has its niche. Would I love to not get mapped by a sawed-off at ten paces only to get melee'd right after? Yes, yes I would. The only reason it's prevalent is because of the uptime on 100 intellect bubbles. Unless you have a one-off super that can match the bubble's time, you're screwed. Enter the Conditional. Point being, if a super is blocking all damage from the outside and can only reasonably be destroyed with a one-off super, then it should be a tier-4 not a tier-5. Well of Radiance too, but it's easier to counter with a sniper or (you guessed it) Conditional Finality, which bypasses the functionality of the Well's anti-freeze policy by freezing the person inside of it. Does the same thing for Bubble, but you have to get inside in order for that to work. Will we see this addressed now that half the company has been shafted by the big brother company passing down the decree? Not likely. Will streamers actually bring it up instead of something stupidly niche? Definitely not, it's too much fun. I want to play my own style in this game, but the way it's been built to favor certain playstyles, it definitely doesn't feel like you can play in a unique way without caving to the meta or having it shoved up your -blam!- and working you like a hand puppet. I don't want to see anything get overly nerfed, except for things that it's needed (looking at you One-eyed mask and your 8-month reign of tyranny) but enough is enough. It's time to stop catering to streamers and cater to the health of the playerbase. Streamers are a 5% crowd where it feels like their word is law and is taken into consideration far more frequently than it should given how little involvement they have in development outside of "Click like and subscribe, we're one-thousand subscribers away from 100k. Also, here's my tenth -blam!--post of the day because I'm desperate for subs lmao". Just coming off a waste of 4 hours just trying to get past [i]a[/i] win in Trials, getting to 5, and then getting dumpstered by Void titans. If you tell me to "git gud", I would if the meta wasn't catered to a certain ape-shotgun meta with everything going for it in a PvP situation (overshield, health on melee kill, oppressive melee ability, fastest super, super with instant overshield refresh, one of the fastest class recharges & second safest animation, near instant volatile detonation, grenade kit, and more for ten easy payments of 99 enhancement cores!). I'm tired. I'm cranky. I want the old trials pools back where I can enjoy my games instead of going to the weekend sweat lodge.



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