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10/11/2023 11:22:26 AM

Bungie, can you please hard limit all non-exotic SMGs at 50 range points maximum?

SMGs [b]REALLY SHOULDN'T[/b] be able to have 85 range points on a 750RPM version like this seasons SMG "Unending Tempest" with perks like "Moving Target" and "Target Lock" or even worse "Rangefinder". You wonder why Auto Rifles don't really perform well and are not played that much? Well, perhaps its still the high range on SMGs with the much superior TTK that is the problem. Not with Auto Rifles being "weak". SMGs are meant to be close combat guns that are [b]EFFECTIVE WITHIN[/b] close combat in both PvE and PvP. [b]NOT[/b] to be also effective on medium ranges too! As long as you allow SMGs to have more than 50 points range, they will remain a problem within your game. No matter the activity.



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