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10/10/2023 11:29:11 AM

Playing Control after Checkmate really shows HOW BAD the Special Weapon situation is in PVP

People running around with Shotgun solo the entire match. Flanking all the time. People with Fusion Rifles, mapping you from Distances that feel very unfair. Sniper Rifles at times blocking entire lanes of a match right from the start. Grenade Launchers (as Wave) pre-fired around corners.... Meanwhile in Checkmate you actually have to work for that kind of Power via Assists, Kills and Objective play. While Checkmate feels like an actual playable PvP game, Control feels like an actual unplayable mess. Bungie, I have said it times and times again in the past. It is time to go back to D1 special ammo levels in PvP during Age of Triumph. You basically JUST HAVE TO COPY the systems from Checkmate and NOT reduce the Ability charge rates and we would have a fun pvp that ACTUALLY IS just Destiny 1.



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