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Modificato da ULiano_III: 9/26/2023 5:56:35 PM

Weavewalk Threadlings cast Damage Nerf.. c'mon.

Rip PvE usage. Because Going into Weavewalk, creating Threadlings and casting rift to put out 8 Threadlings and create chaos in PVE... was ruined due to PvP. So now, you must come out of Weave walk, and wait 3 seconds in a locker animation to do the same thing. Why can't they just make that Change for PvP only... To clarify, When your in WW and cast to create the 8 Threadlings.. those are normal damage "Until you re enter WW" which would.then reduce them. So it now forces you to Not enter WW at all if Any Threadlings are out roaming. So no more, 8+3 Threadlings sent out to then enter WW and get more.. you now must wait for the full damage out put.



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