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Imbaru Engine: Second Test

Quick Guide on how to do the second Imbaru Test for those interested: First you’ll need to obtain the Gift of Strength Arcana; I [i]believe[/i] (I wasn’t paying super close attention) this is found within the Savathun’s Spire activity, just to the left of one of the portals that leads to the final Boss encounter, in the area in which you can plant a Banner, switch out cards and interact with a Ritual Circle. Launch the Imbaru Engine activity and you will need to clear the Test of Cunning much the way you did last week by opening the proper chests. Upon opening the third set of chests and receiving the “You have conjured Cunning” message, you will need use the Gift of Strength Arcana to open a door located directly behind the first pair of chests you initially chose between, and then proceed forward to the Second Test. Spoilers for the Second Test: [spoiler]After traveling past a hallway of rotating spike traps you will find yourself in a room with several teardrop shaped tiles on the ground. Interact with the Ritual Circle to begin the Test of Strength. Once the Test has been initiated, a number of Hive Knights and Cursed Thralls will spawn on the teardrop tiles, and a cloud of Insight will spawn on a platform above you. Interacting with the Insight cloud will reveal a set of footprints that lead to your starting target. The puzzle requires you to kill targets one by one to fill a meter, with the point of the teardrop a target is standing on pointing to the next in the chain. Killing the correct target in the sequence will give you a message that “Your War March Continues” while killing an incorrect target will cause Shriekers to activate and all movs will aggro you, at which point you will be one-shot by anything that hits you, requiring you to restart from the beginning. There is an additional wrinkle. When you kill a Knight, you simply move to the next target in the chain. However [b]after[/b] you kill a Cursed Thrall you must [u]skip[/u] the next target within the chain, instead opting for the target after it. Once you have killed enough targets to fill the meter, you will receive rewards for completing the activity as well as complete the [b]May You Never Cease Triumph[/b] needed for the Haruspex Seasonal Title.[/spoiler] (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)



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