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So you feel bad for Bungie for being DDOS'd?

Why? They literally can do what EVERY company does and pay a fee to a company that prevents DDOS. Literally could pay CloudFlare to stop this, but they won't, cause they have your money already why would they spend some of it on making sure you get the service? [quote]BAMMM "All Cloudflare customers are shielded by 209 Tbps of DDoS protection. Every server in every one of our 300 network locations runs the full stack of DDoS mitigation services to defend against the largest attacks." - The person behind this attack guarenteed doesn't have more than 209 Tbps bandwidth to get around if Bungie just paid so little money to something like CloudFlare.[/quote] So Bungie claimed it isn't their fault because of glitched weapon issues, it's hackers. But that is still their fault cause that excuse also suggests they messed up and caused this. Bungie lies compulsively, no one claimed they are good at crafting lies. They aren't Savathun.



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