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When will daybreak get more super specific abilities?

I'm not going to whine about other supers but I'll mention that as a guy who mains warlock, it's pretty discouraging whenever I pop super and just get shield bashed by a titan in their sentinel shield, and well keeping my cool i just thought it was insane that me, being a dawnblade, dont get any type of buff that could help me in the air against getting one-tapped , and also I don't have any abilities during my daybreak that could have one-tap potential So I decided to just think a bit and decided that these few things would be nice to add to the daybreak super 1. Blocking with your sword, I mean c'mon, we can already block with swords so just let me do it, and make it not use any energy with an exotic, or just no energy at all since its a block 2. Melee attack swings it like a sword quickly for melee range, but doesn't have a projectile, using a lot less super energy, and yes it will one shot guardians who are dumb enough to get close to a guy with a flaming sword of light 3. This one is wayyyyyy too crazy that Id not think would ever happen, but a way to turn your remaining super energy into a shorter well of radiance, i.e. if you have half of your super and do r1+l1, you'll place it in the ground (no orbs of power obviously) and get half the duration of a normal well Also no I don't have suggestions for well since you guys hate it after you removed the overshield (I get one tapped by shield bashes in it :v )



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