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9/22/2023 2:27:46 PM

Why is half our stuff still gone?

Game’s almost over. When we getting all the stuff we payed money for? All those strikes? All those maps? How much money did we give you? And you can’t find a way to fit them into a next gen game? Can we please just have the content we already paid for 5 years ago. How are half of the locations gone? Wtf? What was this game for if not to expand a universe?? How many times did you guys say that on your dlc livestreams?? But what you really meant is actually the game will always be tiny. We just get a little section of this massive universe that was promised. And it’s tiny. What are there like 5 strikes and crucible maps? This game should have SO MUCH STUFF TO DO. Who tf cares about unbalanced maps. I just want STUFF TO DOOOO. AND AS LONG AS THERE’S THE SLIGHTEST SEMBLANCE OF VARIETY FUN CAN BE FOUND. But not if you shove everyone in a tiny box and say have fun with these two rocks i left you. I’m pretty sure the balancing rollercoaster we all got sucked into throughout destiny 1 is what killed the game’s chance to grow. Instead of focusing on the future and what all this could fit together as, we were hyper focused on adjusting the past to our liking. A game like this can never really be balanced, competitiveness should never have been the goal. Competition is fun to watch. Not fun to be constantly enthralled in, trials made the twitch presence of this game blow up. And if we wanted to be competitive like that just make different rules for trials. Have banned guns, maybe even set loadouts. Trials was the most entertaining to watch and play during last word/thorn era during house of wolves, ttk was way down and forced people to play aggressively and encouraged sniping and quickscoping. THAT -blam!- WAS SOOOO FUN TO WATCH. Ya’ll haven’t even put self res back in and you expect that game mode to be interesting and not just predictable garbage. Balanced is fair but it’s also boring as -blam!-. There will NEVER be a competitive scene to this game because you made the most intense and interesting mode an absolute drag. Tf is with the intro cutscenes? I shouldn’t even see them i should just spawn in as quick as possible. You wanna make it fun? Minimize downtime. There’s a lotta ways to balance the specifically competitive side of the game but let the rest just actually be fun. Competition does not equal fun, it does for some but not everyone; especially not those who spend their work day competing. If you sat down to watch a movie, would it be relaxing if you had to answer a test at the end of the movie? If you had to vigorously take notes while watching? Is it fun to make more work for ourselves? Really? No one wants to just turn their brain off and go shoot space wizard cowboys? We gotta take that concept completely seriously? We gotta sweat in this let down of a game that’s ending in a year. Why’d you create a competitive playlist if you’re not gonna make normal crucible fun? Why aren’t i getting 3 supers a game? Why would you not lean into the fun, unique part of your game instead of trying to make it like everything else? No one is gonna pick this game over call of duty. Stop appealing to these completely saturated markets and recognize the people you have right in front you, begging you to make the product they wanna buy. It’s so clear you guys have given up. You clearly can’t even decide on a story so you went with some basic marvel -blam!- to wrap it up nice with a bow? 😔 this coulda made halo look like it’s goodnight moon next to the illiad. Like yeah that start was rough and ambiguous but that’s goood, guess who else does that and has some of the most immersive worlds ever made. DARK SOULS. YALL MFKERS ALMOST HAD DARK SOULS IN SPACE. HOLY -blam!- THAT WOULDA BEEN AMAZING. And I can see how you guys kept teetering into being darker and a little edgier. YOU NEEDED TO RUN WITH THAT. Every single time you went with a darker tone, the story was PHENOMENAL. Let the environment tell the story, stick with the darker artstyle of destiny 1. Destiny 1 looks better than destiny 2 and it’s weird. This game got me more excited than I had ever been in my life during a time when I really needed something to hold on to, to look forward to. I found my fun, but I wish it’d just been given the love it deserves. I know you guys were getting throttled by activision, I’m guessing they forced the T rating which basically just means garbage vanilla bland story, so I’m sorry. I wish others could have seen the creative vision you guys so clearly had. I saw it. I think it was perfect. Can just tell from the initial concept art the tone you wanted. I don’t get why you guys keep making this game more and more for kids. Yeah that’s a lot of people but think about your core playerbase. Halo. Everyone played that when they were like 12-18. They’re grown now. They aren’t interested in some fortnite skins and whatver boppy baby shark crap of a story you have now. How do you have zero awareness of the community you built that trusted bungie? And if you do. Why would you turn your back on your core demographic, to try and steal customers from a FLOODED market. YOU ARE -blam!- AT BUSINESS. THAT IS LITERALLY INTRO LEVEL CLASSES OF BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP INFORMATION. THEY’RE CALLED RED OCEANS AND BLUE OCEANS. Ya’ll are just headfirst divin in the red. You will NEVER be fortnite. STOP FKIN TRYING LIKE EVERY SINGLE OTHER BASIC -blam!- GAME DEVELOPER. YOU GUYS REALLY PUT A BATTLEPASS IN????!?? WAHTTT???! Please deej come back from the dead and slay all these animals that have destroyed what we dreamed could be amazing 😂 I really thought bungie wasn’t basic But I’ve been following this game since the first vidoc. I’m still wearing that helmet. The eclipse maw, or maybe it was the other set -blam!- savant or something? Can I have back that eclipse maw IV chestpiece too btw? With the crossed belt? That was so fire, you guys have made such cool stuff. I’ve spent days at this point just playing stylesouls with your game. That’s incredible. You had me acting like a 8 year old girl with barbies. You made something special. I really hope this last wave is what settles this game into perfection. I only got to play 2 days of the beta, but I like to think the beta never ended, that this game’s been in beta the whole time, growing, changing, molding between the feedback from a passionate community and a receptive developer that listens and does right by it’s community. We’re cutthroat, but it’s because we love this game just as much as you guys. Thank you for making it. I hope this last installment is destiny 3, all the best of 1 and 2 wrapped together. We want the world to feel massive, put everything that you can in. Everything you’ve made has been fun, it hasn’t been perfect but it’s been fun. Don’t worry about balance and competitiveness, and I don’t mind having to free up an extra 50 gigs lol



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