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9/21/2023 7:29:17 PM

Potential Perk Ideas for Future Weapons thanks to the Crafting Glitch

Hi all, I know this isn't a salt post so it won't get picked up as quickly, but looking past the spaghetti code that made the WCG occur, I think that there are a number of not completely broken combinations that we should talk about that came out of that glitch. First a few perks that while fun I completely understand why they shouldn't be added anywhere but their normal archetypes, Assault Mag and Mulligan. Mulligan is obvious why, but Assault Mag is just better Desperado in the magazine slot for most weapon types I tested it on. Now a few perks that I think might work together on future weapons. Dragonfly and Voltshot on the same weapon. Any two of the verb perks put together on a special weapon. Dynamic Sway Reduction on sidearms, and specifically on Sidearms because it's stupid strong on pulse rifles and HCs. Precision Instrument on Pulse Rifles, a sort of Anti-Headseeker. Dynamic Sway Reduction on a fusion rifle, this one would probably have to be Exotic. Explosive Rounds on an LMG. Cold Steel on a Vortex Frame Sword. Someway, somehow, nadir focus and valiant charge, if you're not going to do double eager. I also like the idea of chain reaction and feeding frenzy on a rapid fire fusion. This has been a Guardian who did a lot of BS at a certain darkness relic, giving potential advice on the combinations that could actually work and not break the game.



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