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9/21/2023 11:41:12 PM
It only one-shots if people are shooting at it. Just like Consecration, I imagine that this aspect will lose favorability after a bit of time as people learn how to deal with it. Titans can one shot with both Howl of the Storm, Consecration, and thunderclap, yet these abilities see very little use in pvp, as will probably be the same case with this new aspect. The game could stand to have more one-shot abilities. After all abilities have less uptime than one-shot special weapons and tend to be more difficult to get kills with. Handheld is just worse fusion that can’t one-shot and has a cd, and shoulder charge is just a worse shotgun that can’t one-shot and has a cd. Imo, the nerfs to shoulder charge and handheld supernova were unnecessary and only served to reduce the games fun factor. I use to have a lot of fun skullforting all game, but I wouldn’t be performing any better than another guardian that would just shotgun all game. Hunters have been one-shotting with throwing knives forever and nobody seems to have a problem with it, including me. I remember going on a killing spree once just using throwing knives into enemy heads and it was one of the most fun moments I ever had in pvp.



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