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9/21/2023 7:13:04 PM

Lightfall Should Have Ended This Way

Calus was such a cool character and he’s been in the game since vanilla and we had all this buildup. Caital talks about how he’s desperate like a warbeast so it would’ve been cool for him to go crazy with the final shape. Imagine if Calus thought the final shape the witness was making was boring/dumb and then at the end of lightfall he uses the veil and beats us because a good story has villains win in it sometimes let’s be real. The witness makes him mad earlier on and he gets petty revenge on the witness and uses the veil and our ghost to the link traveler and he becomes op and betrays the witness and then marches his shadow legion into the traveler and to do whatever. The game started with a cabal war so it could end with one except this time we have fallen and hive on our side



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