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Interactive Sandbox Terminals: A Player-Friendly Innovation

Hello Guardians, As we all know, buffs and nerfs are an integral part of Destiny 2's ongoing evolution. These changes impact our gameplay, strategies, and attachment to certain weapons and abilities. However, it's been observed that the manner in which these alterations are communicated sometimes leaves room for improvement. Here's a proposal to make this process more player-friendly and interactive. [b]1. Sandbox Terminal:[/b] Install these terminals at the Tower. They would act as information points where players can be briefed on upcoming changes. [b]2. Sequential Implementation:[/b] Roll out gameplay changes in smaller, more digestible batches, allowing players to adjust more comfortably. [b]3. Character-specific Notifications:[/b] Upon logging in, a player receives notifications about changes specific to their equipped items and abilities. [b]4. Vault Integration:[/b] If a weapon perk or an ability is altered, color-code all affected items in the Vault or Postmaster, providing the player with a direct cue. [b]5. Player Feedback:[/b] Allow players the opportunity to provide feedback on buffs or nerfs directly at the terminal. [b]6. Enhanced Interaction:[/b] Incorporate short, animated sequences or audio recordings explaining the rationale behind the changes. [b]7. Reward for Feedback:[/b] Encourage players to provide feedback by offering small incentives. [b]8. Discuss with Friends:[/b] Add a comment or discussion feature at the terminal, allowing players to share and debate their thoughts. [b]9. Direct Accessibility to Marked Weapons:[/b] If a weapon in the Vault or Postmaster is marked due to a changed perk, players should be able to directly access the terminal from that marked weapon. This would enable them to swiftly and efficiently see what changes were made without navigating to the terminal first. [b]10. Privacy:[/b] Ensure that all feedback mechanisms respect the privacy of players. We believe that these changes would not only enhance the communication between Bungie and the player base but would also boost the overall gaming experience and the community as a whole. What do you think? Share your thoughts and suggestions below! [b]Stay safe, Guardians![/b]



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