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7/28/2023 10:37:27 AM

I hate PvP since a few seasons for 2 main reasons. The Immortal and the still super high abuse of shotguns.

Literally every game half the lobby runs around with a shotgun. Also when there is someone with an Immortal there is barely any chance to react fast enough due to this guns insane low TTK. Gladly I got the sniper rifle roll from Comp today I wanted. Never touching this BS EVER AGAIN til the sandbox got fixed. I play with Controller on PC and am merely an average player. But since the introduction of The Immortal which is basically just another Infinity Stone on every Shotgun rushers Infinity Gauntlet, I feel like I can't enjoy this game in PvP at all anymore. Its not a skill issue, its a balancing issue. I have been playing PvP actively since 2015 over the course of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 and since Lightfall my interest to play PvP gradually dropped. Even Shadowkeep with Controller on PC with the higher flinch values was a better sandbox state than what we have today. I am not feeling like I play Destiny Crucible. I feel like I am playing a torture version of Counter Strike against ESL pros like NBK that will instantly OHK you when in sight. It's not fun Bungie. Stop cattering to the elite. Make PvP fun for the masses. Because the masses make you the money, not a few privileged people playing this game. I am so close to saying goodbye to this franchise for real after the last season of this year because of the direction the game is going since then. The Lightfall in Quality compared Witch Queen is such a massive step backwards that I consider even Blizzard at the moment a more competent studio than yours.



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