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7/8/2023 1:15:54 AM

Make the queenbreaker a special weapon

Its needless to say the queenbreaker is a forgotten weapon by both the community and the developers. Its one of those weapons that was brought back during early d2 when loadouts were composed of double primaries and a heavy. Ever since it was brought back, this weapon has received no major sandbox changes. It has been forgotten by the community for a good reason too. Being in the heavy slot, this weapon does not shine in pve activities since there way better options. It also struggles in pvp since it is not as competitive as other options such as rockets, grenade launchers, and machine guns. It is a shame that this weapon is just sitting in everyone’s collections when it used to be such a top tier and incredibly fun weapon to use in destiny 1. That brings me to my request of making this weapon a special ammo weapon. I do not see a reason why this is not possible when we have weapons such as lorentz driver and arbalest that are special ammo weapons. I would understand if it needed to be changed to be inline with its counterparts in terms of ease of use… With that being said, please bungie make the queenbreaker a secondary. Thank you bungie



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