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Missing Crucible Competitive drop

The game has been a little buggy this morning. While playing in the Crucible Competitive playlist, I completed 6 games but found that after game 6, the number of completed matches did not increase. For reference, it was stuck at 5 when completing 6 games. I left orbit, went to the tower, came back to the playlist and completed another 2 games. At that time I should have received the Mercurial Overreach sniper, but only got the Randy's Throwing Knife scout rifle. I'm confused by this as I have never had an issue receiving anything. I went as far as checking my character to see if the drop was indeed on me, it was not. I checked the Postmaster, it also was not in there and was not full. I know I did not dismantle it because as soon as the match was over, I went back to the Tower and never accessed my character. I do see that someone else also reported this issue as shown in the link below: I did compete in competitive last season, but this should not prevent a weapon from dropping for anyone in the current season. Lastly, this is on PC through Steam. PC specs: Intel i7-11700F Asus Tuf Gaming RTX 3060 ti 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Home



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