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Modificato da Talia Sendua: 4/25/2023 7:35:40 PM

Bungie, please get rid of special ammo drops and bring back special ammo boxes in 6v6 PvP

We are at the point where people again have way too much ammo uptime, despite the changes months ago reducing drops to 1 bullet for most special weapons. It is time to go back to special ammo boxes and slow PvP down again, because CLEARLY it isn't working out anymore with death drops as primary source. Especially in higher skilled lobbies of 6v6 the amount of special weapon usage is insane compared to primaries per minute. It is basically "much better players farming the less good ones with shotguns". And as a result, the better players get EVEN MORE special ammo from their kills simply because they are better at killing. Special Ammo right now is in the weird spot between "kinda ok" and "outright as busted as kill-streaks in COD" This is meant to be Destiny 2, not a badly balanced Quake Clone with super-fast movement and horrible lobby balance. Remember how Destiny 1 was. More tactical, less CoD-like. Remember your Halo too. Also more tactical, less "run in and spray everything down".



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