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For anyone with performance issues - Solved

[u]TL;DR - Downgrade Nvidia drivers to 522.25 to fix performance issues.[/u] Like most people who have been posting about performance issues since Lightfall I have also been experiencing massive frame drops, despite my PC specs being more than capable AND having not experienced any issues before. I tried literally every setting to no avail... However I have managed to solve my issues, and it wasn't D2 related. I downgraded my Nvidia drivers from the latest version [b]down to version 522.25[/b] after reading a post online about someone saying the newer drivers aren't stable enough and 522.25 has given them the least issues in all games. Low and behold, ALL my performance related frame drops magically disappeared and the game is running at levels I had only seen pre-Lightfall. Give it a try if you're experiencing issues as it's a simple fix - Please post here if it works/doesn't work for you as it may very well be Nvidia related on the newer drivers not playing nice with D2.



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